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I am in process of completely revamping this section of my website.  It shall soon be easier for you to locate lesson plans (all of the lesson plans) that I have on my site.  I hope to complete the redesign by this Friday (March 26th).  We'll see!

I am reorganizing all the lesson plans into

  • Physical Science (physics and chemistry)
  • Geo/Space Science (geology, meteorology, oceanography, and astronomy)
  • Life Science. 

Many of the lesson plans are multi-disciplined, and I have posted them into each catagory.  Therefore, you may find the same lesson posted multiple times, under each catagory.  Example is the Dry Ice Inquiry.  It is posted under chemistry as a lesson in the properties of chemicals, meteorology as an inquiry if you are examining the issues of global warming, astronomy if you are studying comets or the planets with ice caps containing carbon dioxide.  It is my intention that if you don't have to go hunting for the lesson.


If you are a student in any of my courses, you will continue to find your class supporting materials under the "For My Students" menu.


            STEMasters brochure here



            Geo/Space Workshop Brochure here

            Document is attached here (letter to teachers about grad credit)

            Geo/Space insert here


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